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23 May 2019 · Categories: Communities Care

Here at Community Catalysts we love a good news story and we recently heard one that we’re still smiling about. 8 years or so ago we ran a project in Nottinghamshire in partnership with the County Council. We were tasked with supporting the development of small enterprises, run by local people and able to offer services and supports to people with a personal budget. The project was really successful with 64 small providers up and running by the end, between them supporting over 900 people.

In 2014 the project ended and Rebecca, our lovely Catalyst, moved on to pastures new. We’d worked hard with the council to make sure things kept going once we’d gone but we had no idea if those arrangements were going to work or not.

So fast forward 5 years and we receive a call out of the blue from David Bingham at the amazing Space Inclusive, one of the small enterprises we supported 8 years ago. David shared tales of 5 years of growth and success and we began to smile. Space now supports 185 people per week, has 30 staff and works in 5 sites across Nottinghamshire. Lovely.

As a brand-new venture the guys at Space are launching a new training and development service. They say:

We’ve always struggled to get our head around the idea that people with such great responsibility aren’t always recognised in the professional capacity that they should be, when working in the care sector. When trying to identify barriers that have led to this, we have to consider training and development.


As a small social enterprise, we know it can be hard to access the training people need to make them brilliant, innovative and consistent. We know it’s necessary to support people in a way that will enhance their lives, provide better prospects and increase independence. We think we do this every day and now want to pass on what we know to others.


We’re excited to be planning the launch of our new training and development service. We want to share good practice with others and make sure what we offer is value for money so that everyone can access it. Our intention is to offer both mandatory and non-mandatory training to cover all aspects of care and support including specific training around behaviour related support, autism and learning difficulties.

Courses will be available from September 2019, any further details including courses we offer, availability and cost, please contact

We couldn’t resist sharing the tale….mainly because its such great news that Space is going from strength to strength – but also in the hope that people might become aware of this excellent new service, give them a ring and help secure their future for another 8 years!

by Angela Catley

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