It’s Time for Local Area Coordination

17 July 2019 · Categories: Local Area Coordination Network, Reports and articles

A year ago Community Catalysts was privileged to take over responsibility for the Local Area Coordination Network and since then our collaboration has gone from strength to strength. Nick Sinclair became the new Network Director and interest in the model continues to grow. Areas implementing Local Area Coordination have seen huge and lasting impact for people, communities and public sector bodies. Helping people dream about their good life and take steps to make it happen. Helping communities be more inclusive and ambitious with and for their citizens. Helping public sector bodies change their systems and processes for the better.

It has been going brilliantly with my Local Area Coordinator. Every time I set a goal I complete it. My Local Area Coordinator has helped me gain confidence to make appointments and meet people on my own.

Network members, who are local authorities or health services, report that Local Area Coordination is helping them:

• Make local communities better places to live
• Improve the health and wellbeing of local people
• Integrate health and social care
• Co-produce change with local people
• Reform the front door to services
• Reduce costs

So a year from the start of an exciting partnership we are pleased to be able to launch an excellent new report It’s Time for Local Area Coordination. It’s a powerful mix of information about the model combined with stories of the people and communities whose lives it has changed. Give it a read and share with your contacts.

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