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Small Good Stuff achieves great things

27 March 2020 · Categories: Small Good Stuff

Blog by Community Catalysts’ Angela Catley shared as a guest blog on the TLAP website

Keeping our communities going is more important than ever. Angela Catley from Community Catalysts, one of the organisations on TLAP’s directory of innovations in community-centred support, reflects on some of the local initiatives taking root.

In these last few weeks, we have all faced uncertainty about our future in a way we have never experienced before. ‘Self-isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ weren’t words in our vocabulary last month, yet now it’s all we are talking about.  The coronavirus has had an impact on every single person in this country – and millions of others around the world. We all have fears of falling ill, job losses and crippling isolation from friends and family.

In these dark times, we all need to look for those little beacons of light as we strive to support each other as best we can. Find out more about how ‘Small Good Stuff achieves great things’ in the full blog here

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