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Good Care – it’s not rocket science

3 July 2020 · Categories: Communities Care

Community Catalysts are a team with diverse backgrounds and experience in community work, social care, health and the voluntary sector.  To keep ourselves grounded we regularly ask – what would we or someone we care about want if we needed care and support? We know the answer is that we would want someone who genuinely cares about our wellbeing, someone who is reliable and consistent,  someone who is creative and flexible, who goes that extra mile and sees us as human beings, with lives to live and things to give, not just a task on a job sheet.

Community Catalysts is not a ‘care provider’ – instead, we help people to set up their own small caring business or enterprise, often working on a self-employed basis. In this way we help local people to help other local people – we also help to create good, local, well paid jobs and career opportunities.

Once we have found caring, creative people, we offer them a place on our development programme. The programme offers free advice, mentoring and support using a robust framework, to ensure that they have the rights skills, paperwork and checks in place to run their small business well and ensure they support people in their community safely and well.

At Community Catalysts we have a strong track record of successfully helping thousands of people to help their neighbours to live their life the way they want to live it and be as healthy and active as they can be. We enable people to successfully run their own business, creating good work which is rewarding and enjoyable.

One of the small enterprises we support is ‘Care with a Smile’. Louise the entrepreneur that started the business began by offering support at home to neighbours during the Covid lockdown. Louise says

Good care to me is a person who listens to what is needed and spends time. It is all about the person and what they want or need.

Community Catalysts supports all sorts of small enterprises that offer all sorts of care and support – not just help at home.  From DIY to walking the dog, from days out to meal preparation. All different but all with one thing in common: kindness.

Melanie runs her own handyperson business with a strong local network of others who do similar work. She engaged with Community Catalysts and worked through our development programme. During the Covid-19 outbreak, many of Melanie’s network were struggling to get hold of masks which would enable them to visit their customers safely. Melanie stepped up to help – using her spare time to make masks for her peers, even offering a range of styles and sizes.

Another enterprise leader Michelle started offering home care to people in her neighbourhood in January and already has a full schedule. The family member of someone Michelle supports said:

Michelle has cared for my 96-year-old mother since February this year and my mum thinks she is the ‘bees knees’. She is very kind and caring, knows instantly when there is a problem or that my Mum is out of sorts. She keeps in constant contact with me when she feels there is something to be said, a concern or also to say what a lovely day my mum has had. My Mum really appreciates the time Michelle spends with her; they have conversations about all sorts. As a family we rely on Michelle to keep us informed of any issues and she is very reliable.

We at Community Catalysts know that at the end of the day #goodcare isn’t rocket science – its about caring about rather than caring for, it’s about kindness, compassion and genuine respect, it’s simply about people helping other people. Louise, Melanie and Michelle offer that little bit extra, go that little bit further and as a result offer people real choices as to how they live their life…and wouldn’t we all want that.

If you are interested in setting up your own small enterprise take a look here to join one of our development programmes in your area.

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