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Why the pandemic could make our communities stronger from Positive News

30 July 2020 · Categories: Reports and articles

In this latest article from Positive News, Angela Catley, Director of Development at Community Catalysts, talks about how community businesses and enterprises have played a crucial role in the Covid response. She also suggests that the local authorities who had established strong networks and partnerships with community groups and enterprises prior to the crisis fared better than those who hadn’t.

Once you’ve made the connections, you’re not going to unmake them

As an example of the effectiveness of community enterprises Angela shares the example of Somerset council who, with support from Community Catalysts, increased the number of community enterprises providing social care from 50 to 450 over five years and during the recent crisis those groups have supported 11,000 people.

We never come across a community that doesn’t have people willing and able to help local people

Also featured in the article are Nick Gardham from Community Organisers, Elly de Decker from the National Lottery Community Fund and Bonnie Hewson from Power to Change sharing their visions for the future.

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