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New podcast series: ‘Changing it up’ – Ep 1 with Pip Cannons

20 August 2020 · Categories: Communities Care, Opinions and responses

In our new podcast series ‘Changing it up’, hosts Nick Sinclair and Clenton Farquharson chat with people from across the country who have dedicated their lives to changing things for the better in their communities.

Commissioning community enterprise

In the first episode, Pip Cannons, Strategic Commissioner for Adult Social Care at Somerset County Council talks about commissioning community enterprises or ‘micros’ – small ventures run by local people who offer care and support to other local people – and how the project helped to balance out some of the rural inequalities across the county.

“It’s not just about going out and asking people if they want to set up a local business and helping them do that…The magic is that it starts to grow organically and micros link up with other micros…it then becomes a community within a community”

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