Valuable and Vulnerable – we want your help

11 February 2021 · Categories: Communities Care, Opinions and responses, People Can

Everyone is vulnerable and everyone is valuable, but we think this is currently getting forgotten.

On the 16th February we are launching a social media campaign to help people and organisations to remember. We want your help. Starting that day and running for as long as we can manage it we want people to tweet, Facebook and LinkedIn using the hashtag #ValuableAndVulnerable. We are asking you to share what makes you personally both valuable and vulnerable in these awful Covid times and to ask other people to do the same. So a tweet or Facebook post might look something like:

We’re all #ValuableAndVulnerable right now. I’m valuable because I order and deliver shopping for my parents. I am vulnerable because I get anxious and need friends to reassure me. How about you @maryjones ?

If you want to tag us in feel free – but don’t feel you have to. We are @commcats on twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn

If you want to use our imagery on your posts you can download the version for Facebook here or LinkedIn and Twitter here (right click on the images and click ‘save as’ to save locally).

We’d like to get as many people doing this as we possibly can so please do share and encourage others to join in. We also have an easy read guide to the campaign here.

This campaign is part of our wider Valuable and Vulnerable project, funded from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund and distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund. The project is supporting shielded people in West Midlands to act on their strengths whilst also challenging negative perceptions and rhetoric linked to shielding. Get in touch at for more information.

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