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Podcast series: ‘Changing it up’ – Ep 6 with Caroline Speirs

16 April 2021 · Categories: Innovators Learn, Opinions and responses, People Can

We’re following on our podcast series ‘Changing it up’ where hosts Nick Sinclair and Clenton Farquharson chat with people from across the country who have dedicated their lives to changing things for the better in their communities.

Social care reform

In our sixth episode, Caroline Speirs outgoing Head of TLAP, reflects on how far self-directed support has come, the power of genuine co-production and her hopes for Social Care reform.

I want to see this country have a great big conversation about social care. There are just far too many people who don’t get it and don’t know what it is. [They] think it’s something to do with beds with not having to sell off your family home. We have got to get past that…social care is something amazing.

Caroline Speirs

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