Quote 'Everyone is vulnerable and everyone is valuable'

Valuable and Vulnerable

11 May 2021 · Categories: People Can, Reports and articles

Shining a light on what makes people valuable and challenging the rhetoric around being vulnerable.

Community Catalysts is coming to the end of a 6-month project with a focus on the positive – working with people who were formally or informally shielded and their supporters in 6 areas of the Midlands and South. As the project draws to a close we are working with the members of our coproduction group to share what we have learned.

We are launching our lovely interactive project report showing what happens when we focus on what people can do and not what they can’t and sharing stories and opinions from people with personal experience.

Please share using the #ValuableAndVulnerable hashtag in order to change minds, policy and practice. And if you fancy learning more then sign up for one of the excellent events we are presenting at over the next few weeks:

  • 21st May – Coalition for Personalised Care Network Roundtable Event. Find out more here
  • 27th May – Social Care Future Spring Gathering  – where we have sponsored a session. Find out more here

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