We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things we love in communities where we look out for one another doing things that matter to us #socialcarefuture

Groundbreaking inquiry asks ‘Whose social care is it anyway?’

27 May 2021 · Categories: Communities Care, People Can, Reports and articles

We are pleased to share important news from our friends and colleagues over at Social Care Future.

Over the last few months, Anna Severwright, co-convener of Social Care Future, has led an in-depth inquiry alongside over 500 people with experience of social care who were asked to share the extent to which their lives and the support they were able to draw on reflected their vision.

Too often the debates and decisions about social care are happening behind the scenes without us – the people who draw on social care – or we are invited as an afterthought or just as a ‘tick box’. Well we have had enough of that. So we decided to lead our own inquiry called ‘Whose Social Care is it Anyway?’

Anna Severwright

From what people shared about their experiences, the inquiry pulled together five key changes that will help to bring about Social Care Future’s vision that:

We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing things that matter to us.

The 5 key changes

  1. Communities where everyone belongs
  2. Living in the place we call home
  3. Leading the lives we want to live
  4. More resources, better used
  5. Sharing power as equals

Glimpses of the future

As well as lobbying for the changes needed, the inquiry also highlighted glimpses of innovative work already underway that support the changes we want to see, such as:

  • Staying well and connected to others: such as Gig Buddies, Good Gym, the Cares Family
  • Supporting people to contribute and do things they enjoy: like Local Area Co-ordination, Community Circles, Grapevine
  • Living well at home: Like Buurtzorg, Community Catalysts, Wellbeing Teams, via cooperatives and community business
  • New models of care and support with accommodation: Such as Keyring, Shared Lives Plus, Homeshare

Find out more about other innovations in community-centred support via this resource from Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) 

Community Catalysts has been involved in the Social Care Future movement from inception and we wholeheartedly encourage you to read, share and take action on the 5 key changes highlighted in the inquiry. Read the full inquiry or find out more in this video from Social Care Future which explores the 5 key changes

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