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Exciting new community enterprise project in Denbighshire

3 August 2021 · Categories: Communities Care, Wales

A drawn image showing a community enterprise leader helping someone with cleaningCommunity Catalysts are excited to be working with Denbighshire County Council and other local partners on a new community enterprise project which started in May 2021 and will run for 18 months.

Denbighshire has been a hub of entrepreneurship, creativity and industry over the years. Community Catalysts will build on this as part of our new project which will work with local people who want to develop small community enterprises and ventures offering a wide range of help and support for older and disabled people at home and in the community.

As well as helping people to set up new community enterprises, Community Catalysts will also be able to advise small groups and organisations already established in Denbighshire and looking to diversify or extend what they offer. Helping local people to help other local people.

We are very excited to be working with Community Catalysts to explore new and innovative ways to enable citizens and their carers to achieve the well-being outcomes that matter to them.  Our Community Support Services are committed to strengths-based practice and community led support, underpinned by our belief that given the opportunity most people choose to remain independent, in the place they call home, actively engage with family friends and their local community.  We also see this as an exciting opportunity to grow the social care workforce and increase economic activity and resilience in some of our more isolated, rural communities.

David Soley, Principal Manager, Lead Commissioner, Denbighshire County Council, Community Support Services

A drawn image showing a community micro-enterprise leader helping with gardeningTo help realise this vision, we will try hard to build on things that already work well and to value and nurture people, groups and organisations with strong local knowledge and expertise. Our project aims to capture learning and actively use this to affect local system and culture change – working in partnership to improve the way that health and care works for people in Denbighshire.

Never more than now have people needed opportunities to generate their own income and deliver this much-needed support in our communities.  We look to help local people unleash their creativity and passion to support more people in the community.

Fabrizio Donati has been employed as the local Catalyst to lead the project across Denbighshire and can be contacted on or 07787 436 199.  You can also follow local developments on Facebook

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