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Event: What is Local Area Coordination?

13 September 2021 · Categories: Events, Local Area Coordination Network, People Can

Come and explore Local Area Coordination, an evidence-led approach that is helping many areas of England and Wales wrestle with some big questions:

How do we…

  • Get alongside people and families in a way that builds capacity to achieve good lives, better meet needs and prevent unnecessary crisis and service demand?
  • Rebalance our service systems from a focus on crisis and towards sustainable community-led solutions?
  • Align our strategic agendas and available resources within health, social care, housing and beyond?
  • Build on the natural strengths, assets and networks that exist in our communities without being extractive or creating new pressures?
  • Ensure greater inclusion of often excluded groups in our communities?

This session will be of particular interest to those working in health and local government who want to do things differently and are seeking approaches that are both complementary of the good stuff going on locally, but also able to improve and humanise the more transactional aspects of service culture and delivery.

11th November, 1 pm – 2 pm

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