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A new Chair to lead our Board

28 June 2022 · Categories: Awards, Innovators Learn, Opinions and responses

Almost a year ago we caught up with Andy Tilden who, at the time, had recently joined our Community Catalysts’ Board. We chatted about his move from teaching into the world of social care back in the late ‘70s and how there have been lots of positive changes since then…but how more changes are still needed…

One of my early roles working in the NHS involved supporting staff move from working with people with learning disabilities in long stay hospitals into houses in local communities. We did not get everything right but it showed me there was a better way to enable people to have good lives and not be locked up in what was effectively state institutions…unfortunately the work there isn’t done yet as I understand there are still around 2,000 people in institutions like that.

Andy also spoke about what his newly awarded OBE meant to him and the work of Community Catalysts…

The award was very much a ‘team effort’ and whilst I was undecided whether to accept it I was persuaded to use the opportunity to highlight the breadth of wonderful work that exists and what more could exist under the banner of ‘social care’. It’s about getting those voices out there and heard – like from the many people Community Catalysts support across the country.

So, with Andy about to take up the role of Chair for the Community Catalysts’ Board, it seemed like an ideal time to catch up and find out how his first year with us has been…

‘Photo of Andy Tilden with Prince Charles receiving his OBE’One of the real highlights for me, has been to understand in far more detail the breadth of exciting, innovative and refreshing work that falls under the Community Catalysts’ umbrella.

Over the last year, I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Janet as the outgoing Chair, fellow board members and Pip as our great CEO. It’s been a fantastic learning experience and it’s great to recognise that for a small organization we really do punch well above our weight!

And, looking to the future, where do you see Community Catalysts going?

I am excited about playing a small role in building on the strong foundations of Community Catalysts and taking the organisation forward. As a Board, we are supporting the continued growth of the organisation and are committed to supporting the senior team deliver the strategic aims in our three core areas Communities Care, People Can and Innovators Learn.

This will include extending and developing our community enterprise offer; developing and extending the Local Area Coordination Network; supporting the work of the Coalition for Personalised Care so that people with lived experience are actively involved in influencing, designing and developing personalised health and care policies and provision; and working on new projects to extend our learning and open up opportunities in new areas and sectors.

Thanks Andy, it’s been good to catch up and hear about future plans. We’re looking forward to hearing more and supporting your role as Chair in the coming year.  

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