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Making an impact – a look back over 2021-22

18 October 2022 · Categories: Bulletins, Coalition for Personalised Care, Communities Care, Innovators Learn, Local Area Coordination Network, People Can

I am immensely proud of all we have achieved at Community Catalysts over the last year. We have seen massive growth in demand for all areas of our work as the health and care sector has wrestled with increasing pressures and looked for ways to deliver personalised care and support.

As a result:

  • Our community micro-enterprise development programmes have extended into new areas across England and Wales ensuring that this type of localised, flexible and personalised support is available to more people and creating new and alternative roles in care
  • The Local Area Coordination Network has continued to grow as more areas recognise the importance of asset-based approaches and the creation of inclusive and supportive communities
  • We have confirmed our commitment to host the Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC) and work alongside NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI), members and health and care system leaders to ensure personalised care is a reality for everyone
  • We have extended our New Social Leaders programme
  • …And got involved in many conversations with many people to influence change…

I am therefore delighted to share our interactive Annual Report that highlights some of the great work we do – see here for the full report or scroll down for some of the headlines. I hope you enjoy reading it. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more or just have a chat. I would love to hear from you.

Pip Cannons
CEO at Community Catalysts

More choice for local people with community enterprise development

We’ve continued to help people establish enterprises and ventures offering care and health options for other local people – we call these community enterprises. As well as supporting older or disabled people both at home and to get out and about, community enterprises also offer creative options for people with a learning disability to try new things, make their own connections and build wider relationships outside their home. Read the full report

A highlight from Wrexham:

Screenshots from the report. Includes a photo of Dawn and Seema smiling and a quote from Dawn talking about her community micro-enterprise "it's not work when I come's just coming to see a friend"

Building connections and nurturing relationships with Local Area Coordination

We helped new areas to establish Local Area Coordination and welcomed them to our growing Network. Through our Network, we also continued to support 10 local authorities with the ongoing practice of Local Area Coordination. Read the full report

Screenshots from the report. Includes a photo of Glynn and a quote saying "[Local Area Coordination has had a positive] 'domino effect''s like getting your confidence back, being a person and being in control again"

Amplifying voices to promote wider change in our Big Conversations

We held ‘Big Conversations’ to help the public sector and their local partners to engage, consult and coproduce action plans for change. Our ‘Big Conversations’ take account of the wonderfully messy nature of communities, making it possible to engage and work with large numbers of people from different stakeholder groups with potentially competing perspectives. Read the full report

Screenshots from the report. Text says - in 2021-22 we had Big Conversations in Merton and Bolton with over 600 people - the majority older or disabled people

Bringing lived experience to the fore with the Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC)

We extended our hosting arrangement with C4PC for a further 2 years and employed 3 new members of staff to support this work.

Screenshots from the report. Includes a quote from Community Catalysts CEO, Pip Cannons: We are really pleased to continue and strengthen our support for C4PC as hosts. It's clear that personalised care is key to tackling social care and health inequalities and we're proud to host a partnership committed to helping personalisation become a reality for all

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