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A covenant to make change happen!

25 January 2023 · Categories: Communities Care, Local Area Coordination Network, Opinions and responses, People Can, Reports and articles

The highly anticipated ‘Care and Support Reimagined’ report from the Archbishop’s Commission does not disappoint. With rights and values at its heart, the vision set out in the report really resonates with us at Community Catalysts.

Social care is not an end in itself but the means to a better life.

Front cover of the 'Care and Support Reimagined' report - includes a montage of photos of people laughing Underpinned by strong values, the vision is for care and support that:

  • is universal and fair
  • enables people to flourish and live life to the full
  • reflects loving kindness and empathy in the way we care for one another
  • is inclusive of all
  • promotes mutuality and is built on trust

Love is at the heart of care. It is why we care.

While the recommendations have been developed through a lens of Christian theology, they have been directly shaped by the experiences and views of people from across all sectors of society, drawing on the experiences of those who draw on care and support, carers and people working in the sector. The findings recognise that there is no magic formula, but an opportunity for a Social Care Covenant, to work together, taking a lead from those most affected to create a hopeful vision of what care could look like. Moving the debate on from crisis and issues, building on the Social Care Future vision of a good life and resonating with the findings of the ‘House of Lords Adult Social Care Committee report – ‘A Gloriously Ordinary Life’ 

As well as painting a hopeful vision for the future, the report translates the recommendations into clear areas for action based on 3 key themes:

  • Rethinking attitudes to care and support
  • Rebalancing roles and responsibilities
  • Redesigning the social care system.

These actions require a radical shift in the way that everyone thinks about and delivers care – it’s a shared responsibility and whatever our beliefs and background this report is a welcome and unifying call to action for a better future, where we all have a role to play.

…In short, good care involves all of us.

How our work supports the vision

Through our work we are taking steps that align to these actions. Helping to bring the vision alive in communities across the country.

  • Our Big Conversation helps voices be heard and enables support to be tailored to what local people who draw on care and support, their carers and the local community want. Reshaping perceptions and attitudes to the possibilities of what good looks like.
  • Our Communities Care and People Can projects create opportunities for local people to use their gifts and talents, to create new and exciting roles in care and in the community, challenging the status quo and enabling people to have real choice and control over their support so they can do the things that matter to them, socialise and live the life they want.
  • Local Area Coordination is a practical approach that builds trust and connections in communities, creating new ways of working that upends how we traditionally support each other.

The benefit of wider partnerships

As much as we’re changing our corner of the world, to make real, widespread change we need to work together, bringing along all the quiet voices, as well as the louder ones. So, we’re really pleased to be part of wider partnerships such as Social Care Future and the ‘Partnership in Action’ to help amplify those voices, innovate, share good working practices and create a better and brighter future for social care – “Social Care Reimagined”.

We recognise that more needs to happen to ensure everyone has the opportunity of a good life and we will commit to working with the Commission and to continue working with partners to play our part in making this happen.

If you’re interested in playing a part and joining our partnerships do get in touch for a chat

By Pip Cannons  – CEO at Community Catalysts

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