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  • RT @RightfulLives: Thank you for your tweets today in support of the #rightfullives exhibition. We are overwhelmed by the responses and we…About 18 hours ago
  • RT @MarkNeary1: Drum Roll....... The doors are open. Welcome to the #RightfulLives exhibition of human rights and people with autism and/or…About 20 hours ago
  • RT @socfuture: It’s Social Care Jim, but not as we know it. Check out updated content & activity at our Nov 14/5th gathering in Manchester…About 20 hours ago
  • What a splendid gathering! Lovely to see people connecting and collaborating 😀 https://t.co/OFMaoRjYA3About 21 hours ago
  • We're starting a lovely new project in partnership with @BhamCityCouncil https://t.co/gfXHJNPP7y '...develop & stre… https://t.co/VUaD3f8CaJAbout 21 hours ago


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