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Building creative capacity within the health and care sectors …. from the community up

Research is showing high levels of loneliness and isolation in our society. And it’s not just older people, who might be more susceptible to loneliness due to ill health, bereavement and physical isolation at home. It’s younger people too, and …

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There is a different way – welcoming the launch of Six Innovations in Social Care

Yesterday we launched the process to leave the European Union. It was a momentous day whatever the position you took at the Referendum and is one major marker of a global move towards fragmentation and away from collaboration. I know …

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Community Catalysts and the WOW Exchange

Community Catalysts recently linked with a representative from National Voices, a coalition of health and social care charities working across England. They have recently launched their WOW Exchange– a collection of great examples and best practice case studies from projects …

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Community Catalysts work to nurture community solutions highlighted in Wales

Today the Auditor General at the Wales Audit Office published A Picture of Public Services 2015 , a detailed and useful report which ‘paints a picture of devolved public services’ response to the challenges they have been facing and their …

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Inclusive Change Programme

We all want to live in places which feel friendly, welcoming and safe. We want the places we live to be good places to bring up kids in and to grow older. By themselves, neither public services nor local people …

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