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Community Catalysts and the Local Area Coordination Network come together

Community Catalysts and the Local Area Coordination Network are excited to announce that they are coming together. This is a fantastic opportunity for Local Area Coordination Network members, Community Catalysts and all its stakeholders. It is also an exciting development for the future of Local Area Coordination across the country. We know that pooling our considerable expertise and combining it with our shared values has the potential to be very powerful.

Local Area Coordination is a well-evidenced way to support people of all ages who are dealing with complex situations in their lives. This may include people who are disabled, have mental health needs, are living with a long-term condition or are older. Local Area Coordination helps people to draw upon their own strengths to live the life they want, connected and contributing to their communities; and to strengthen the capacity of communities to welcome and include people. 13 areas of the England and Wales who are currently doing Local Area Coordination are members of the Local Area Coordination Network. The Network supports its members to implement Local Area Coordination in their area and represents Local Area Coordination across the England and Wales.

Community Catalysts and Local Area Coordinators have worked together in many areas over the years. Both have recognised their shared values and complementary approaches. Community Catalysts have played a strong part in the national promotion of Local Area Coordination and were heavily involved in the development of the Local Area Coordination Network.

Community Catalysts welcomes areas that are implementing Local Area Coordination into its family. We look forward to positive partnerships where Local Area Coordination is given the space and support it needs to make a difference to the lives of even more people and communities.

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