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current work

current work

Dorset County Council

Community Enterprise

We are excited to start a new partnership with Dorset County Council and technology company Bronze Labs.

The Dorset Community Enterprise Project runs from December 2018 for 2 years and aims to work with local people who want to develop small enterprises and ventures offering highly personal care and help at home to older people and others that need support in their area. Work will start in the Sherborne Rural and Three Valleys in West Dorset and Blackmore Vale and Winterbourne in North Dorset, where increasing the number and range of homecare and support options available to local people is seen as real priority.

Helen Coombes – Transformation Programme Lead for adults and communities, Dorset County Council

We have watched the achievements Community Catalysts have made in many parts of the country and are excited to work with them to achieve similar success in Dorset. The project is about helping local people to help local people. We will work with local communities, primary care, voluntary sector and community groups to help people to support each other. We are starting in areas of North and West Dorset where we have the greatest difficulty matching people’s needs with available care, with the aim to bring this approach to life across the whole of Dorset.

The project in Dorset and a parallel initiative in Shropshire are supported by a partnership with technology company Bronze Labs and their Tribe web platform.

Anita Wingad has been employed by Community Catalysts to lead the project in Dorset

Norfolk County Council

Community Enterprise

Norfolk County Council have commissioned Community Catalysts to work with the Council and other local partners on the Norfolk Community Micro-enterprise Project. The project runs from August 2018 for just over two years with an initial focus on investigation and preparation.

The primary focus will be in North Norfolk, Norwich County Council area and the Broadland District Council area, where increasing the number and range of homecare and help at home options available to local people is seen as real priority.

As well as helping people to set up new enterprises Community Catalysts will also advise small groups and organisations already established in Norfolk and looking to diversify or extend what they offer.

Sera Hall, Director of Integrated Commissioning

We are delighted to be working with Community Catalysts CIC to explore the potential and talent within our communities to develop micro-enterprises which help people in their own homes.

As part of our Promoting Independence strategy we want to shift focus to strengthening prevention and early help, supporting people to stay independent for longer.

Community Catalysts have a strong track record in supporting people to set up sustainable and high quality micro-enterprises which truly meet the needs in their communities. This project will increase capacity and the choice of services that are delivered by local people for local people.

Debra Morris has been appointed as the local catalyst to lead the project locally and takes up her post in January 2019.

Birmingham City Council

Community Enterprise

We are working with the Council and other local partners on the Community Micro-enterprise Project which runs from August 2018 for 18 months. The project aims to work with local people who want to develop small enterprises and ventures that complement established day centres and services – offering highly personal alternatives for disabled people and others in their area.  Work will start in the Hodge Hill, Erdington and Hall Green areas of the City and work alongside a roll out of strengths based, innovative approaches to social care and social work already underway in these areas.

We have employed Zoe Miller to coordinate the project locally who took up the position on 1st October.

Melanie Brooks, Birmingham City Council Interim Assistant Director, Social Care and Health

Birmingham City Council is pleased to have partnered with Community Catalysts on this innovative journey. Community Catalysts have a successful track record of working in and with communities to develop sustainable ventures which involve and serve local people. The approach we have taken, by building from grass roots, will help us gain a real understanding and insight into the particular needs of our diverse communities, and help shape how together we develop and strengthen complementary alternatives to care services with local citizens, who expect more direct control and influence over their lives and communities.

Central Bedfordshire Council

Community Enterprise

The Central Bedfordshire Community Micro Enterprise Project runs from January 2018 for 2 years with a focus on developing new community led services and supports that offer homecare, primarily for older people, but also community enterprises offering care and support services to other groups of people. Established community enterprises, interested in diversification or development of their model and/or offer will also be supported. The project also aims to capture learning and actively use this to affect local system and culture change. Alistair Bucknall has now been employed as the local Community Enterprise Catalyst to coordinate the delivery of the project.

Julie Ogley, Director of Social Care, Housing and Health:

I am delighted to welcome Community Catalysts to Central Bedfordshire and look forward to the impact the neighbourhood based services they develop will make in supporting the more vulnerable members of our communities.

Hertfordshire County Council

Community Enterprise

We are pleased to support Hertfordshire County Council with this  new Community Micro-enterprise Project which runs from January 2018 for 17 months. The project aims to work with local people who want to develop small enterprises offering homecare or help at home to older and disabled people in their area. The initial focus will be in the St Albans, Hertsmere and Dacorum areas where increasing the number and range of homecare and help at home options available to local people is seen as real priority. Enterprises in other parts of Hertfordshire that fit well with local priorities can also be supported. Community Catalysts will build on things that already work well and to use learning from the project to affect local system and culture change – working hard to improve the way that health and care works for everyone in the county.

Tom Watkins has now been employed as the local Community Enterprise Catalyst to coordinate the delivery of the project.

Ian MacBeath, Director of Adult Care Services, Hertfordshire County Council:

I am delighted to welcome Community Catalysts to Hertfordshire. We want to explore whether encouraging smaller enterprises in local neighbourhoods will help people connect more to their community as well being supported to stay safe and well.

So what, what next – Transforming Care project

Enterprising People

Part of the Transforming Care programme and the idea of the national empowerment steering group who are supported by the Local Government Association (LGA). The project runs from December 2017 until July 2018 and will take place in the Black Country in partnership with the Black Country Transforming Care Partnership. Transforming Care has a focus on getting people with a learning disability and/or autism out of hospital and back into their communities. Everyone agrees that getting people out of hospital is important but making sure people have good lives out of hospital is important too. The project will focus on people who have recently moved out of hospital, their families and supporters, find different ways of doing things and new ways to support people to have good lives, make connections and contribute to their community. The Local Government Association, the empowerment group and Community Catalysts will share what we learn from the work. For more information

Great Communities

Analyse Imagine Transform

MacIntyre is a national charity providing support and making a positive contribution to the lives of people with learning disabilities for over 50 years. With considerable investment from MacIntyre, Community Catalysts and MacIntyre have formed an exciting partnership, working together to design and deliver the ground-breaking Great Communities project. Starting in Warrington the project will work with people supported by MacIntyre to help them to enhance their own lives and make a contribution to their community. In a time of austerity and cuts in services the project will also act as a catalyst for change to make Warrington a more connected and inclusive place and to stop people with a learning disability falling through the net. Lessons learned and approaches developed in the test site will be used to underpin wider, national transformational change within the sector.

Power to Change

Community Business

Power to Change grows and supports community businesses in England using funding from the Big Lottery. They have funded Community Catalysts to design and manage an exciting project called “Enterprising Communities” using an adaptation of our tried and tested approach with community enterprise for community business. We are testing our approach in two project sites – Telford and Wrekin and Warwickshire.

In Telford and Wrekin and Warwickshire we are working with a dynamic range of community businesses, to help them grow and become more sustainable, from arts and crafts initiatives, libraries, churches and community centres.

Read about one of the wonderful community businesses we are working with.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Community Enterprise

Building the business case for investment in support for community enterprise.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-makers in the UK. It aims to improve the quality of life for people and communities throughout the UK by funding the charitable work of organisations that are building an inclusive, creative and sustainable society. They have funded Community Catalysts to extend Enterprising Communities into a second phase which has a focus on community enterprise that tackles loneliness and increase community well-being.

Phase 2 enables us to work with the University of Birmingham to evaluate the impact of the project and Community Catalysts’ approach. The results of this evaluation will inform the case for investment in support for enterprising local people. After a careful selection process, we are working in partnership with local authority partners in York and Herefordshire.

In York and Herefordshire, we are working with an inspiring range of community enterprises to help them get off the ground and grow, from dance groups, to meals on wheels services, to friendship agencies and more.

Read about one of the wonderful enterprises we are working with.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Analyse Imagine Transform

Community Catalysts is working  with Rotherham Council making connections between disabled people and their local community. Our local Catalyst Harry Clarkson has been working within the local community to forge connections, build capacity and seed and nurture relationships with people who use council social care services. Harry is also supporting the development of new community enterprises to increase the choice for people who need some help to live a good life.

Quality Checking Enterprises – NHS England

Enterprising People

Community Catalysts are working in partnership with Inclusion North on this project which has been commissioned by NHS England. NHS England wants to give people with a learning disability the skills and resources to check how the quality of NHS services across England Community Catalysts and Inclusion North have been commissioned to help people with a learning disability to think through all the challenges and opportunities of running their own enterprise, build their skills and confidence, get their enterprise off the ground and link with other people doing the same thing.

Perth & Kinross Council

Analyse Imagine Transform

Community Catalysts has been commissioned by Perth and Kinross Council to undertake a short project on self-directed support – reviewing the current approach to supporting people in their own homes and identify future actions to develop the local marketplace.

Camphill Village Trust

Analyse Imagine Transform

Community Catalysts worked with CVT in 2015/2016 to develop the business case for investment in the development of a Shared Lives service across eight of the nine communities. The Board of Trustees agreed the necessary investment at their meeting in April 2016 and since then Community Catalysts has been working with CVT on the establishment of their Shared Lives service.

Thurrock Council

Community Enterprise

Community Catalysts supported local Catalyst Sue Wellard (employed by Thurrock Council) in an initial one year project to stimulate and support local community micro-enterprise. This was a particularly exciting opportunity as the project ran alongside a programme called Local Area Coordination (LAC) which is helping people in Thurrock who need some support to build their vision for a good life, stay strong and control services and resources. Our project complemented the work being delivered by the LAC team as they identified gaps in provision locally which could be filled by community entrepreneurs.

The successes achieved in the first year convinced Thurrock Council to extend the project into a second year, with a specific focus on the cultural and systems changes needed to ensure that the use of community-led support and services became mainstream. We are really pleased that, as year 2 comes to an end, the Council has recognised the positive impact of the work and made Sue’s post permanent. They have also commissioned Community Catalysts for a further year to provide Sue with the support and advice she needs to continue to be effective.

Les Billingham | Head of Adult Social Care & Community Development | Adults, Housing and Health:

We are becoming increasingly aware that the solution to the crisis facing our health and social care system will be found, to a significant extent, within communities that are better connected, more welcoming and resilient; the work Community Catalysts have done supporting us to develop such communities within Thurrock has been invaluable and enabled us to begin to see our ambitions become reality.

Camphill Village Trust

Analyse Imagine Transform

Camphill Village Trust (CVT) is a progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other support needs through 9 urban and rural communities in England http://www.cvt.org.uk/.

Community Catalysts is working on a exciting partnership project with CVT with the two organisations pooling their considerable knowledge and expertise. We will help to shine a spotlight on the organisation’s core CVT values of contribution and enterprise and explore development opportunities for individuals, communities and the wider organisation.  We have discovered much about existing enterprising activity (and there is a lot), explored people’s ideas and aspirations and helped people think about new ways to bring new people who need support to live their lives into CVT communities.

Somerset County Council 

Community Enterprise

Our third year report has just been published and shows our continuing success in helping local people in West and South Somerset to provide supports and services that allow older and disabled neighbours to stay at home and feel part of their community. There are now 223 community enterprises offering help to older people to enable them to stay at home. 58% of these providers offer personal care services, including for people with more complex care needs. This care is often provided alongside home help, domestic and social support. 42% offer home help type services including support, companionship, domestic help, gardening, cleaning, trips out, transport. 3,500 hours of care a week are delivered by community micro-enterprises in Somerset.

We are pleased to be supporting Somerset County Council into a fourth year with a focus on supporting 16 self-sustaining independent provider networks of community enterprises, to support with the legacy of our work as the project comes to an end in October 2018.

Read about what is happening in Somerset and some examples of people doing great work