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Enterprising solutions: How charities can survive and thrive despite the public sector cuts

NCVO published a report today highlighting that charities are facing ‘a perfect storm of demand’ at the same time that funding from the public sector is being cut. NCVO estimates that charities will lose nearly £3 billion of public sector funding over the next 5 years. And this report is just one of the many recent reports in the press about charity closure, merges and service cuts………….these are very difficult times for the voluntary sector.

Charities are facing the same pressures as local authorities (more demand and less money) and are responding in very similar ways. Some charities simply do less for less while others try to cut costs through merger………….But some are taking a radically imaginative approach with the aim of meeting individual need in a very different way – and see enterprise as part of that approach.

Community Catalysts has been working with a number of these radically imaginative charities to help staff and the people supported by the charity to use their gifts and assets through enterprise. These enterprises are wonderfully diverse and aim to meet people’s needs in a very different and more personalised way. In a world of limited resources we cannot afford to waste the gifts, drive and talent of individuals – and working in ways that harnesses those gifts means that we can continue to deliver great outcomes for people when money is tight.

Find out more about the work we have been doing with charities like Macintyre at our enterprise: ideas into enterprise page

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