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The incredible energies and enthusiasm of community micro-providers

While the majority of the UK was preparing roast turkey and sprouts for their Christmas dinner, and thinking of making preparations for the celebrations to herald the New Year, I was at 37,000 feet on the way to Australia. In …

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Our work in Somerset

Guardian Society features the work of one of our Catalysts Rhys Davies this week. Rural Somerset is one of the most challenging areas in which to organise flexible, responsive and economic care to help older people to stay in their …

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Inclusive tennis for all – Small Good Stuff member Tennis2Be

The health and well-being benefits of sport are well known, but some members of society, such as people living with a disability, experience real barriers in taking part in sporting activities. Small Good Stuff, the website developed by Community Catalysts …

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There is a different way – welcoming the launch of Six Innovations in Social Care

Yesterday we launched the process to leave the European Union. It was a momentous day whatever the position you took at the Referendum and is one major marker of a global move towards fragmentation and away from collaboration. I know …

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Community Catalysts and the WOW Exchange

Community Catalysts recently linked with a representative from National Voices, a coalition of health and social care charities working across England. They have recently launched their WOW Exchange– a collection of great examples and best practice case studies from projects …

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