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What *really* makes good care?

An important debate is taking place about how to ensure that people who need care and support get that help in a way that enables them to stay safe and well and live the life they want. This conversation has …

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It’s time for Local Area Coordination

A year ago Community Catalysts was privileged to take over responsibility for the Local Area Coordination Network and since then our collaboration has gone from strength to strength. Nick Sinclair became the new Network Director and interest in the model …

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Co-production – an essential strand of Local Area Coordination

In this blog for co-production week, I wanted to explore how Local Area Coordination is a great way to drive forward the principles of co-production. I want to focus on community involvement in the recruitment of Local Area Coordinators across …

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Small stuff, big impact – community led coproduction in action

Community Catalysts harnesses the energies of entrepreneurial people, carers, families, citizens, communities and councils, helping them to work together to effect change within health, care and wellbeing space. Co-production plays a huge part in doing this right. Stories of local …

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Whatever your intended destination the only route is co-production

A fair few years ago when I first heard the phrase co-production, I have to confess that I groaned, inwardly of course, rather than out and proud, but still. It all seemed a bit jargony, more than a bit opaque …

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