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New Year, New Targets

Who likes KPIs and figures? Well, surprisingly, it turns out that I do… One of the best things about working at Community Catalysts is its focus on people. And not the stereotypes of “vulnerable” “lonely” “disempowered” people, waiting to be …

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Clover Home Services – Mr and Mrs Team

Roanne and Martin Bell – Clover Home Services Roanne was a district nurse for 19 years and has a vast experience in caring for older people and supporting carers. She realised that people in her local community needed help at …

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New community enterprise project in Dorset

Community Catalysts are excited to start a new partnership with Dorset County Council and technology company Bronze Labs. We are working with the County Council and other local partners on the Dorset Community Enterprise Project which runs from December 2018 …

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People doing it for themselves – a new project

People who are older or disabled sometimes need care or support to live their lives. The help that people need can overshadow their skills, interests and talents and these can remain unseen and untapped. The money going into support is often …

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Coproduction for community business in Warwickshire

I’m working across Warwickshire to help community businesses become more sustainable. It’s inspiring to meet so many individuals who want to help their communities with hard work and dedication – from local libraries, to community centres to church cafes. One …

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