Camphill Village Trust (CVT) Embracing Community

Successful completion of partnership project which aimed to connect people in more with their wider community and encouraged more people in the wider community to connect with Botton Village.

The project, a partnership with Camphill Village Trust (CVT), found, supported and worked through Community Champions, enabling them to help each other and to contribute to their community. Champions came from Botton, as well as from the local villages of Danby, Castleton and other areas of the Esk Valley. Every month, Champions got together to generate ideas and plan action they could take to make their community a better place to live. Activities included helping with North York Moors supertasks, such as beach cleans and connecting with people who live in a local care home.

We also worked to help CVT to make its fantastic assets and resources more available to the wider community. Examples included organising and hosting community events such as concerts, guided walks and even a community apple pressing event. Botton has also developed its library for the wider community to use, and it is now a place that local people can use as a hot desk hub. Many fantastic partnerships have emerged.

We are delighted that CVT is continuing to support the Champions group meetings and is committed to enabling further actions to help make the Esk Valley a great place to live.