Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC)

The Coalition for Personalised Care is the single largest partnership of people and organisations in the country which comes together solely to focus on personalised health and care.

Their network includes people with experience of accessing health and social care services, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, royal colleges, academic bodies, improvement organisations and health and care practitioners from all walks of life. This diversity helps them gather unique insight, share learning, highlight challenges and encourage change.

Community Catalysts is delighted to have been asked to support the Coalition as it moves from its home with NHSE into independence. We look forward to working closely on this with all stakeholders including colleagues from NHSE, members of the partnership and the two Co-Chairs Kim Ryley and Heidi Wright.

Image showing the summary from the C4PC webinar understanding and aligning the work of link workers

Image from C4PC webinar to support #SocialPrescribingDay in March 2021. Find out more about the webinar