Communities Can

Housing provider Stonewater is working in partnership with Community Catalysts on a six-month project aiming to create enabling environments (people and places) whereby its customers can thrive.

The vision of the project is to ensure Stonewater’s customers live in connected, cohesive and contributing communities, feeling part of the places where they live, living happier, healthier lives for longer – regardless of their age, background and circumstances.

Working with Communities Catalysts, Communities Can aims to:

  • Connect and engage with local residents and colleagues across three areas of England
  • For Stonewater to benefit from Community Catalysts’ knowledge and approaches
  • Listen, learn and empower change through better conversations between colleagues and customers
  • Examine what’s strong and matters most to local people, as well as identifying what and who makes it a great place to live
  • Discover what works well and share ideas, approaches and positive practice
  • Support Stonewater to develop practical tools to capture assets and aspirations
  • Share stories, inspire others to take more person and community-centred approaches to spread and scale wider impact