Work with local partners to increase the number and range of homecare options available to local people.

Supporting people to develop small enterprises and ventures across the whole of Leeds City Council area but with a particular focus on North Leeds, Otley, Wetherby and the City Centre.

Leeds Change Group partners are working hard to make changes to local cultures, systems and pathways to ensure that people can practically use the new community options. Speed networking events that bring the community enterprises together with front line workers have been positive. Council staff have increased their awareness of the range of support available and are building more trusting relationships with enterprise leaders.

We are really pleased that Community Catalysts is supporting Leeds City Council to develop a diverse market of care providers for older people in the area. Our Health and Wellbeing strategy has a strong focus on prevention and ensuring that people can get the best care in the right place and at the right time. The Community Micro-enterprise project is helping us to reach that goal at the same time as creating jobs and improving resident’s skills.

Our volunteering response in Leeds during the Covid 19 epidemic was fantastic but at times people have needed more care and support than what was on offer – we have seen first-hand how the community micro-enterprises have been able to provide that level of care whilst being able to be flexible creative and responsive to meet the needs of individuals.

Michelle Atkinson, Older People’s Commissioning Manager, Leeds City Council