A 6-month engagement project with the London Borough of Merton Council as part of a wider piece of work to review what people do during the day.

As a first step Community Catalysts and the Council have brought together a Reference Group made up of key stakeholders who have a different interest in and/or perspective of day support in Merton.

The second step is to have a ‘Big Conversation’ to hear people’s views. We will use lots of different ways to engage and try hard to include as many people as possible – hearing quiet voices as well as louder ones.

We will take what we learn from the ‘Big Conversation’ and add to it, finding out more about what Merton has to offer, speaking to people and learning from other areas. All to explore creative approaches to people’s day times.

The final step for Community Catalysts is to bring everything together, taking all that we have heard and learned and writing a report for the Council. The report will represent all the different stakeholder perspectives and possibilities and share ideas for Merton. The Council will combine the contribution from Community Catalysts with other strands of work to start to develop a plan of action.