Cottage Crew Craft Group

The Cottage Crew Craft Group had been together crafting at a day care centre for many years. When that day care centre closed they didn’t know what to do and were worried they wouldn’t see their friends anymore. Chris, the Community Business Coordinator from Community Catalysts, was able to work with the council and others to help members of the group move to a local community venue. She also helped to arrange for a second community centre to supply the support people needed for the sessions to continue. It meant that the group could stay together on their own terms – and it’s so great to see them meeting and having fun together in a lovely public space.

It’s helped us as an organisation to explore other opportunities. It’s worked with that group – could it work elsewhere? One of the nice things is that people aren’t scared of using a public space – whereas in the past it was very much if someone needs that support, we’ve got to take them somewhere that is enclosed. What we’ve done is said, no – you can use a community space, it’s actually probably the best space. – Terry Yarnall, Centre Manager, Hub on the Hill