David is an 84-year-old farmer living on a remote farm in Powys. When he became unwell and was admitted to hospital, he required some daily support in order to return to live at home on his farm. However, there was no care available locally and after two months in hospital he was moved into an interim placement in a care home which was 30 miles away from his own community.

David and his family were determined to find a solution to allow him to return home. They got in touch with Community Catalysts and made contact with local people.

One of the people they spoke to was Olivia, who had just returned to live in her hometown of Brecon and was looking for work that fitted in with her college course. Olivia had worked in care before and run her own cleaning business. Olivia was supported by Community Catalysts to establish her own community enterprise offering care and support locally. Community Catalysts helped Olivia to understand the legislation and set up in a safe and legal manner. Olivia now supports David to live at home.

David’s daughter says:

We are delighted with the way things have worked out. Olivia gets on really well with Dad and it is clear she really cares about him.