Dexx Life Skills & Space Inclusive

In Rotherham Catalyst Harry has been making introductions between established and emerging enterprises.

Both Dexx Life Skills Centre, a new enterprise in Rotherham and Space Inclusive a successful, established enterprise in Nottinghamshire have a focus on helping people develop life skills and gain employment. After starting up 10 years ago Space Inclusive have gone from strength to strength and now have fantastic success in helping people to gain qualifications, make and sell goods and get into jobs

The great thing about working for an organisation that has projects happening across the country is that you get to hear about the stories, ideas, challenges and successes from a fantastic variety of enterprises across the UK.

Harry Clarkson, Community Catalyst in Rotherham

Harry arranged for each enterprise to visit the other to discuss success stories and how they have helped local people to achieve their goals. They talked about the barriers they face and how they are working to overcome them. They discussed the potential for future meetings, using each other’s facilities, offers and activities, continuing to support one another and share ideas. Space Inclusive now offer an extensive training service and workshops to other enterprises locally and across the UK which was of particular interest to the folks from Dexx.

We are delighted to be working across counties with another organisation. We feel it demonstrates a real community spirit which can be vital when looking to develop an enterprise. Community Catalysts gave us a significant start into the world of micro-enterprise so it’s our privilege to continue their ethos going forward.

David Bingham and Richard Mynett – Space Inclusive
It was really good to meet Space Inclusive through Community Catalysts to gain insight from an organisation working in another authority, understand the challenges they have faced on their journey and how they dealt with them, giving us knowledge when we face similar challenges along the way.

Lee Mckeith – Dexx Life Skills Centre