Ethical Personal Care

Louise Meldrum has worked in care since she was 19. She worked for a residential care home and small family run business and now runs her own small enterprise, Ethical Personal Care.

I love working, the fulfilment you get from providing care is amazing.  My former boss encouraged me to work for myself. I thought “I can’t do it” because I have dyslexia. But before I knew it people were ringing me – asking me to work for them.”

One of the other worries Louise had about going self-employed was what would happen if she needed to take a holiday or have time off.

Taking time off is a big worry when you work in care because the clients can want seven-day care. I made sure my clients are aware I need weekends off. I was worried about what I would do if I wanted a longer holiday – but if you organise it in advance its fine. My clients just used to get an agency in, but now I am part of the Community Catalysts group I can get other small business care providers to cover my holidays

Louise recognises that sometimes working for yourself can be a lonely experience, even if you’re around people all day. Before linking in with Community Catalysts, Louise felt she had no-one to talk to about her business.

Now that I have the Community Catalysts network if I am unsure I have other people to talk to. We have a WhatsApp group with all the other people who work for themselves so we can all call each other and help each other.

Being part of this supportive network has boosted work for the whole group.

I pass a lot of work onto everyone. I get loads of calls – so I can pass them on to people if I know they are good and would be suitable.

The wider support of Community Catalysts, throughout the project, has also been invaluable for Louise.

My local Catalyst Julie is amazing in helping me improve my self-employment, leading me down the right paths. She had given me endless support and always there to help.  I’m so very pleased to be working with the project. It’s given me the fire to keep going working alone. Being part of the project is such a pleasure, it means I’m not alone, I’m meeting other self-employed people like me.