Lin’s Story

Janette was keen to help people to stay independent and carry on doing the things they enjoy, comfortably and safely so she set up Janette’s Companionship Service and as a result connected with Community Catalysts.

Janette supports Lin who has multiple sclerosis (MS) and is also a full-time carer for her mum who has dementia. This is Lin’s story…

Lin had funded visits for a few hours a week from Janette for several years.

I really cannot speak highly enough of Janette and Janette’s Companionship Service.  My mum doesn’t have any medical needs but the effects of dementia are increasing and her anxiety 24/7 is totally exhausting.  Janette has really got to know my mum and her ways.

When her mum’s dementia became more difficult to manage, Lin requested a social care assessment which resulted in a direct payment from the Council to cover 8 hours per week of support for her mum. Those payments are managed by Lin.

Those 8 hours a week save my sanity. We are able to have one session booked for a more or less regular time but be a bit more flexible with the second session according to what works for me and mum. The flexibility and continuity of what is offered is really important to me and my mum.

Lin was initially very concerned that as part of the direct payment process she might not be allowed to continue using Janette and her companions for support. They had built up such a positive relationship with her mum over the preceding years that she didn’t want to give this up.

Janette takes mum out for tea, to the coast, even to medical appointments.  I totally trust her and know if she is there, there’s absolutely nothing for me to worry about.  If another companion from the small team comes, Janette always introduces them and makes sure they and mum are comfortable with each other.

Lin asked about the possibility of using the direct payments to pay for Janette’s Companionship Service and with positive support from the practitioner, she set up an account and established a process.  Once set up, Lin has found the payments very easy to manage. Janette invoices for her hours, Lin agrees they are correct and payment happens very quickly.

I didn’t know such a service existed.  I found Janette by searching online and checked out her website and Facebook page and saw the recommendations. It’s so much more than a companion service, for me it’s not a luxury, it’s an essential. A life-saver