Louise of I Care @ Home

Louise is a homeopath and clinical nutritionist and a cancer survivor, living and working in the Brecon area of South Powys. During Lockdown in 2020, Louise recognised the need for support in her community, especially for older people, and set up I Care @ Home. In addition to her virtual clinical work, Louise offers 3 or more days a week of support to people.

What did Community Catalysts do for Louise?

Through a project funded by Powys County Council, Heather from Community Catalysts supported Louise to turn her ideas into something real and successful.

Community Catalysts have been wonderful, they made the transition really easy, providing support and answering questions, helping with advertising marketing etc and putting me in touch with people like social workers and GPs

What do people say about Louise?

Louise received some great feedback about the services and support that she provides.

My father is someone who is reluctant to accept care and help, being fiercely independent. Louise took the time to want to get to know him, using the first couple of sessions to talk to him and show interest, he has quickly gained trust in her and is now feeling confident to let her do more around the house….. Having Louise as a carer has had a really positive impact on my own sense of well-being in that it has reduced stress and anxiety related to my father; I can be confident that although I can’t see him frequently, due to Covid restrictions, somebody is there to check up on him and, more importantly, is able to take decisive action to avert any potential crisis. It is also comforting to know he has more human contact.

Helping people to get a good life

Louise is visiting on 3 days of the week. She is helping John to tidy up his living space and make it more comfortable, she is also helping him to manage a physical problem with his leg and has also advocated for him with his GP.