Mohammed and Hadi Healthcare Services

Mohammed with the support of Community Catalysts and the Community Micro-Enterprise Project in Leeds has set up a CQC registered service called Hadi Healthcare Services to provide older people with support at home.

I have over 17 years of experience supporting both young and older people. I have worked with people who have faced various barriers from drug and alcohol abuse, young people and gang culture, mental and physical health issues, long term unemployed and supporting those in rehabilitation back into the community.

What motivated Mohammed to set up his new enterprise?

Mohammed was very clear why he wanted to set up Hadi Healthcare Services

Throughout my working career I have always had a passion for helping people, which is why I was motivated to set up my own care company which is CQC registered. I want to raise the standards as I feel that care could be better, and I believe that older people need nothing less than the best support available.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity, we don’t want to be the biggest but offer the best support to people.

What did Community Catalysts do for Mohammed?

Elaine from Community Catalysts supported Mohammed to link with the right people and turn his ideas into something real.

One of the biggest challenges for me was trying to get in front of the right people and Elaine helped me do that as I have been invited to several networking meetings with social workers and other people from Leeds City Council which gave me the platform to showcase our services.

Setting up on your own can get lonely but it’s nice to know that I can call Elaine anytime for support and I also have good links with other enterprises who are part of the Community Micro- enterprise project.

What do people say about Mohammed and Hadi Healthcare Services?

Mohammed gets great feedback about the support that he provides to his customers.

The whole family has been supported by the brilliant kind, caring and hard-working carers at Hadi Services.

My mum is over 90 years old and says the carers are very friendly and talkative. She is very happy with them because they speak the same language as her so she can easily ask them to help her with her needs.

We have been very happy with the care provided to my mother by Hadi Healthcare Services. The carers have been genuinely caring and kind and have always treated mum with respect and dignity. They are enabling Mum to achieve her aim of staying in her own home for as long as possible.

Helping people to get a good life

At Hadi Healthcare Service, we understand the difficulty of finding great care and assistance for a family member, this is why we take pride in supplying the highest-quality support throughout Leeds.

Our homecare services are available for older people including those with dementia, adults and children with a physical disability and or learning disability. We specialise in offering personal care and medication support and organisation, shopping and dining, as well as companionship and helping people to get out into the community to socialise, take part in leisure activities, and gain access to healthcare. Our support can be offered during the day or night time including 24/7 live-in care.

We believe that trust matters and are dedicated to offering home care of the greatest quality. We cater to speakers of Urdu, Punjabi, French and Polish, to name a few.