Story: Art for Pleasure and Things with Wings

‘Things with Wings’ is a community art project based in Ledbury (Herefordshire) where, in March 2021, people were invited to work on an A4 canvas to produce an image inspired by the title. Over 40 people have been enjoying this creative challenge, which has stimulated some entertaining conversations.

Some of the participants of Things with Wings are residents who live in different care settings, and some are members of Art for Pleasure, an informal art club. When the venue used by Art for Pleasure closed at the beginning of lockdown, the regular time when members got together to pursue their own art stopped. Some members of the group also began shielding and although many had their own art supplies at home, motivation to create has fallen over the year since.

But the chance to take part in Things with Wings has encouraged people from the group by sharing a creative theme to focus on, and by giving everyone an A4 canvas on which to explore this.

Many members have made artworks for the project. Some have also begun to think about creating other paintings and drawings, including going back to earlier, unfinished, pieces.

They hope to be able to share what’s been made by contributing their pieces from the Things with Wings project to a public exhibition in Ledbury later in 2021, depending on current restrictions. It will be a thoughtful and entertaining exhibition, which might also encourage others to have a go.

The photographs were taken by Art for Pleasure member David Dale. They show his contributions to Things with Wings and the room at his home where he draws and paints.

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