Story: Linda McLarnon

The last 12 months have been terrible for thousands of people unable to go out or spend time with family! Myself and my son have shielded since March 2020 due to being classed as high risk.

Not seeing my grandchildren and great grandchildren was dreadful as we are a very close family. I saw my daughter when she picked shopping up for me, and the children on the way home from school – all from the gate -, but it upset the children so much we stopped doing it.

I also missed being able to do my volunteering as Secretary at our local Community Hub and at the local homeless Charity where my daughter is the Director. Gardening was out due to my health. I filled the freezer with pies and cakes for all the family and friends but needed another outlet.

I decided to try and finish my Mum’s ‘story’ that I had started writing 40 years ago and never completed. As the youngest child, always at home with illnesses, I loved to hear all my Mum’s stories of her life before and after she met Dad. I soaked it up like a sponge. Fairy tale bits of bad and good were all mixed along with a wonderful marriage of nearly 50 years.

I had remembered all of it and wanted to tell her story for my children and grandchildren as I myself was in ill health and approaching my 70th birthday, so I stuck with it. Not knowing how to publish it I asked some friends for advice, and Kim’s husband Steve got it published on Amazon last November in time for me to give to my children, Alison and Ross, for Xmas, along with some good friends. Their reaction was very emotional. People have asked me to follow up with a second book, which I am in the process of doing. This will be a more detailed look at my life and that of my siblings. It is called Family Ties and will go from 1951 to 1967, when I started nursing.

Linda McLarnon’s book, Jenny’s Song, can be ordered from Amazon by clicking here.