Story: Viv and sisters

We are sisters that believe everyone has something to offer.

Despite many physical, mental and emotional complex conditions Donna likes nothing better than to feel included and doing something to help her local community.

During the pandemic we are helping a local church by delivering food parcels to families in need. Donna enjoys driving to different places and being thanked by the people we meet; she replies by giving a royal wave from the safety of the car.

More recently we set up a system and have been going to the local test centres to collect covid lateral flow tests for families that do not drive. This has been especially useful to support others in keeping safe. First, we go to County Hall Worcester and the team at the drive-through are now used to seeing us, they wave us on and we toot the hooter which makes us all laugh. We do two laps to enable us to collect for more people. The staff see us coming and move the bollards and cheer us on as they know we are volunteers helping out. Donna undoes the window, and the testing kits are put through. Donna always checks as at first she thought the blue and white boxes may contain chocolates but she now knows to put straight into the back of the car. On the way back to Evesham we stop at Pershore which is a walk through testing centre where everyone has got to know us. Donna checks to be sure these boxes are not full of goodies and then we say another cheery thank you and set off to deliver the boxes to people with school age children that do regular covid test to help keep themselves and others in the community a little safer during these difficult times.