Tina and TLC (Tina Lawrence Care)

Tina Lawrence has a BA in Health & Social Care and has 10 years’ care experience. With the support of Community Catalysts and the Community Micro-Enterprise Project she has set up TLC providing older people with help in and around the home, pet care, complementary therapy and personal care support.

The work that I do is so varied each week. I may go walking, sit and chat, go out to eat, help to clean, help with gardening or even offer some complementary therapy. In the past I have even supported a customer to spread her husband’s ashes.

I am so flexible with the way that I support people, and really enjoy what I do.

What motivated Tina to set up her new enterprise?

Tina was very clear why she wanted to set up TLC and she, her customers and their families are seeing the benefits this unique personalised support can have.

The loneliness epidemic was the first thing that motivated me. I know that people are struggling at home to be, do and get what they need. I just want to support people to fulfil all of their needs, which is why I also offer complementary therapies as well as practical assistance.

This work gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing!

What did Community Catalysts do for Tina?

Elaine from Community Catalysts supported Tina to turn her ideas into something real and successful.

Elaine gave me the confidence and filled in the blanks that I had missed such as policies and procedures. Elaine helped me to feel more professional and focused.

What do people say about Tina and TLC?

Tina received some great feedback about the services and support that she provides.

“Thank you for everything you are doing for my Mum you have got it just right . She loves you coming and helping with the everyday things. Also just talking and the massage day is great. You are a star don’t know what we would do without you. Mum loves you and so do I.

It makes me happy every time I see the shed that Tina painted for me”.

“Tina you are my ray of sunshine and I don’t know how I would manage without you”.

“Tina you are worth every penny, as everything you do for me is outstanding.”

“Tina you are a godsend and you have no idea how valuable you are to me.”

Helping people to get a good life

Tina’s service is flexible and adaptable; she can offer support on a regular basis or in an emergency situation. She provides help with the little things like making a cup of tea, having a chat, washing up or putting the bins out, as well as offering personal care and pet care in the home.