TRH Home Services

TRH Home Services was set up by Theresa after spotting the information about the project in York supported by Community Catalysts whilst searching for ‘becoming self-employed’. Having run her own nursery school business for 30 years and employing staff and then venturing into being an employee for 2 years she felt very unsettled and unfulfilled in her working life. Theresa said this was the start of her new adventure.

Theresa received the relevant information she needed to get started in her own business and when she got cold feet part way through was motivated by the Catalyst and connected to another inspiring entrepreneur. After a first Zoom style meeting, she felt really positive that this was what she wanted to do. With her policies and procedures in place she was up and running although nervous about getting work. Now Theresa has 6 regular customers who she supports and really appreciated the continued support she received during the remainder of the project.

Every day is different, we are faced with challenges and problems to solve, I could be cleaning out a rabbit cage, or shopping with my client for new undies at M&S! There are eye tests, wheelchair manoeuvres, displays to demolish in the art and craft shop (yes this happened!)  Whilst sorting out clothes for charity shops I found 102 pairs of shoes dating back to 1930s! Other things I have done include removing doors that need new hinges, mending greenhouse windows, painting windowsills, taking down hedges so civilisation could be seen again. During Covid 2020 there have been many people who rely on the care going in each day as their only company when unable to get out. Whilst we may feel some of the things that we do are very basic, they are essential for some. Our role involves being diverse and caring while meeting the needs of individuals in our local community who can no longer do these tasks. Asking for help is not always easy so seeing where that help is needed can be a useful skill.

Theresa feels that being part of the network of likeminded community enterprises who are happy to help each other with questions creates a fantastic team of people who have been inspired to achieve their goals and says that ‘we all want to go out there and make that difference to the lives of people’.

Of the Catalyst who supported York community enterprises Theresa has this message ‘I do hold you personally responsible for changing my working life for the better.’