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Supporting people in Derby and Thurrock to ‘get a life, not a service’ and providing 400% ‘social return on investment’

Community Catalysts is really interested in Local Area Coordination – a model of working that comes from Australia which has people and relationships not systems and process at its heart. Over the last few years we have worked in partnership with Ralph Broad and Inclusive Neighbourhoods (the lead organisation for Local Area Coordination in the UK) in Peterborough and Thurrock to link Local Area Coordination initiatives with our 5 step approach to nurturing community enterprises and ventures. We have also played a partnership role in the development of the new and exciting Local Area Coordination Network CIC.  We know that Local Area Coordination can have a huge impact on people and their communities so were really interested to read a series of reports, published yesterday by TLAP, that evidence this.  This piece from Sara Zmertych, Senior Communications Adviser at TLAP shares links to these reports

Derby City Council are supporting residents to be less reliant on traditional services and looking at providing community-based solutions to their problems. The council has found that Local Area Coordination (LAC) means that £4 of social value is created for every £1 invested.

A Social Return on Investment analysis, commissioned by Think Local Act Personal, was undertaken to measure the impact of LAC across Derby City Council and show the social value to residents as well as the cost benefits for further expansion to 17 council wards.  Local Area Coordination supports residents in the community to ‘get a life, not a service’.  People questioned in the evaluation report improved health and wellbeing, for instance by having less social isolation, increased confidence, independence and control over their lives.

An earlier report commissioned by Thurrock Council, using the same analysts produced the same outcome, £4 Social Return on Investment for every £1 invested, with a clear message that this figure could be increased significantly as the LAC service grows and develops.


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