Image of Elaine - Community Enterprise Catalyst in Leeds

Elaine Davin-Jones

National Project Support Officer

Having a wealth of experience providing support in the community, I am delighted to be able to showcase my skills as a Community Enterprise Catalyst in Leeds.

I have a passion connecting with the seldom heard, hard to reach and marginal groups helping to give them a voice.  This is to ensure relevant services are accessible, responsive to their needs, and to gain the support they need.

I have a proven track record of community action and having worked in a number of roles, in a variety of settings, such as being based in HMP Establishments, One Stop shops, Job Centres, Probation offices, and drug and alcohol services. All of which have required me to work with people from varying backgrounds with a mixture of social issues and challenges which included drugs and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, offending, and social exclusion. Although in each role the service users, were for the main, part disadvantaged and marginalised, coming from diverse backgrounds and having individual personal issues and needs. I have had to provide them with a variety of services and advice ranging from finding employment, education and training to supporting them into volunteering roles, or on their recovery journey.

Resourceful and highly organised, I am enthusiastic to achieve whilst delivering the new Community Enterprise Project and supporting my local community who are at the heart of this.

In my spare time I enjoy reading a good book, travelling and going to concerts. However, my passion is baking, and I make a great sticky ginger cake.

07503 800094