Julie Graham

Community Enterprise Catalyst (York)

I have had a varied career in the private, charitable and, most recently, public sectors but people have always been the focus of what I do.  I have mainly worked with those people considered to be furthest removed from society and assisted them to safely live the lives they aspire to live.

Motivating people to look beyond where they are and supporting them to reach their potential has been a driving force and something I have been committed to promoting. Working for many years in training enabled me to do this. I like to be creative in how I approach community issues and delivering on Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the private sector gave me many opportunities to use this skill. I am delighted to work for Community Catalysts who encourage this approach.

I have a passion to see communities thrive again and for neighbourliness to be a natural part of how we live. This position encompasses that ethos and have been lucky enough to have seen this in action. I believe that it is the small things that can make a big difference and micro-enterprise is an excellent platform for this.

In my spare time I like to knit, read, listen to a wide range of music and I am currently learning to play the guitar.

07384 835721