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Fran Lowden

Photo of Fran Lowden

Fran has worked in the Health and Social Care Sector for over five years, while previous to this she worked for a number of years providing support in customer service roles. Fran now has a passion to work towards ensuring people in Gwynedd receive care at times, and in ways, that suit them. Having worked alongside carers and individuals who draw on care and support, Fran has experienced first-hand how there is a need for more choice and local options in Gwynedd and is proud to be part of a project aimed at achieving this.

Fran believes in teamwork and developing connections, and how beneficial achieving positive outcomes are to all involved. Unfortunately, Fran also knows so many people go without this and the impact it has. She is excited to be working at Community Catalysts with people in Gwynedd to set up small enterprises and businesses to improve health and social care options in their communities.

Outside of work, Fran enjoys socializing with friends and family. She also likes arts and crafts, having most recently made a willow foraging basket which will come in handy when collecting supplies. She is an animal lover and really believes in their ability to help with mental wellbeing.