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Saber Ghafoor

Photo of Saber Ghafoor

Saber has passionately worked hard over the last twenty years in various roles within a wide range of different communities, in particular working within deprived and disadvantaged communities, supporting them with overcoming social and economic barriers.

He has not only contributed to helping people in the local community through his work, but has also got involved with the local communities on a voluntary basis using his knowledge and expertise in fitness. Saber has a background in fitness and has used his knowledge in local gyms to help others with accomplishing their fitness goals. He has also used fitness to help people channel their energy in a positive constructive way to improve wellbeing, and has set up numerous fitness-based projects/activities. He strongly believes in improving people’s wellbeing through participation.

Saber has impacted many people through his efforts and has helped them access unique and rare opportunities. In 2012, Saber secured funding and arranged for six local young people to travel abroad to Ireland for two weeks of work experience. They were supported by Saber during the trip and had the opportunity to experience the local culture and heritage. They had never travelled abroad before.

Saber has the skill and ability to recognise other people’s strength, courage and potential, especially when they do not see it, and he teaches them to utilize it.