Local Area Coordination is about:
• Supporting people and families achieve their vision of a good life,
use their gifts and make their contribution.
• Helping communities to be self-supporting and to flourish.
• Transforming systems, building bridges and strengthening relationships
between citizens, communities and services.

This is about making services human, building trust, giving people the space to be themselves to make their contribution in their community. Local Area Coordination demonstrates that we do care about one another, that we want to be together and to pull through together.

Clenton Farquharson MBE

Key Points:
• It is an evidence-based approach that emerged in Western Australia in the 1980’s and has been in England and Wales since the early 2010’s.
• Local Area Coordinators are typically employed by their local authority but are
rooted in communities of around 10,000 people.
• They can work with anyone in that community boundary.
• It is based on 10 core principles and key design features but is flexible to build on
the strengths of local citizens, communities and service systems alike.
• It works!