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what makes us different

what makes us different

Community Catalysts has a unique mix of skills and values that make us highly effective and unusual among other organisations working in a similar way in our sector. Along with our community focus, we have deep knowledge about how to help small scale non-traditional supports and services negotiate the complex regulations and bureaucracies governing health and social care and bring real choice to people who need help to live their live. We are down to earth, offering practical solutions which are strategic and radically imaginative. We focus on the gifts and strengths of people and communities and are highly ethical. And we are collaborators who know that working with other like-minded organisations will help us to achieve our aims more quickly.

Community Catalysts is:

• We have specialist knowledge of health and care legislation, regulation and bureaucracy and how to help very small-scale enterprise and ventures understand, comply and thrive
• We know how to help people with energy and a good idea set up a sustainable, high quality care or health service for other local people
• We know about the highs and lows of self-directed support in practice
• We understand the good and bad of the current system of care and support at both a strategic, operational and personal level

• We are completely committed to our aim of making sure that people wherever they live have real choice of the support they need to live the life they want
• We celebrate the diversity and quality of small local ventures that are doing good things
• We try hard to make sure that the way we work reflects our values
• We try hard to work with energy and enthusiasm

• We understand our value and charge fairly for our time BUT work hard to ensure that we deliver reliably to a high standard and on time
• We advise customers about the most cost-effective way to achieve their outcomes and aim to bring added value wherever we can

Practically strategic
• We combine a really practical approach with an understanding of how our work links with government strategy and policy
• We demystify complex ideas, documents, systems and processes
• We make sure that all our communication is grounded in reality and accessible
• We are passionate about taking big ideas and making them work for people and their communities

Radically imaginative
• We do a lot with very little – just like the people we work with
• We make connections that others often don’t see
• We are creative and inspired by new ideas and ways of thinking

Helping people and communities make the most of their strengths
• We work co-productively to design and deliver our programmes of work
• We trust the people we work with (staff, associates, customers, communities) and try hard to enable and empower them
• We help other people to innovate

• We have strong networks with organisations and people in many different sectors
• We collaborate with like-minded people and organisations to achieve our joint aims
• We consciously work to connect people and organisations across sectors and resist silo working