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analyse imagine transform

analyse imagine transform

What is the issue?

Groups, organisations and authorities sometimes need to rethink or transform their activity or structure but struggle to see the wood for the trees (or the trees for the wood!) and don’t know where to start.

What we offer

Community Catalysts is able to help communities, organisations, authorities and policy makers to:

• Analyse their current situation
• Imagine how things might be different
• Plan and implement transformational change
• Use co-design and co-production techniques throughout

We start by learning all about the service, organisation, system or approach – engaging and listening to the people involved. We find out what works well, what people think could be better, and capture ideas for development. We make sure that we understand as much as possible about the running costs and where the money comes from to fund it. We discuss what the service, organisation, system or approach might look like if it restructured, refocused or operated differently. We use all that information, along with our experience, to analyse and present all the options, make recommendations and suggest a plan for change. We can also provide on going expertise and support as the service, organisation, system or approach transforms.

What might this look like in practice?

There are many fantastic and imaginative provider organisations with a real commitment to continually improving outcomes for the people they support. These organisations recognise and value the people they support and employ and are looking for new ways to unlock their gifts and talents. Community Catalysts has worked with a number of organisations to nurture the entrepreneurialism of staff, volunteers and people who use services and help them to turn great ideas into practical and inspiring enterprises or initiatives.

Most local authorities have work-based day services that run a bit like an enterprise. Local authorities often want these services to develop and flourish and may see their future outside of the council. Helping these services to develop and potentially become independent takes time and skill, and presents unique challenges. If done badly, a great little service could be damaged or worse, even close. Community Catalysts is able to work with local authorities to find ways to help valued work-based services to operate as independent enterprises and to thrive outside the authority.

Community Catalysts believes passionately in putting people in control of the care and support they receive to enable them to live full lives. This passion underpins all our Analyse Imagine Transform work with communities, organisations, authorities and policy makers.

A story of analyse imagine transform

Innovation Challenge in Leicestershire

Inovation centre.pdf

Community Catalysts Associate Helen Turner worked with supported housing providers in Leicestershire on an exciting project funded by Leicestershire County Council called ‘Innovation Challenge’. The aim of the project was to support organisations to innovate, enhance and transform the services that they offered. To kick start this innovation Leicestershire Adults and Communities Department identified £70,000. Supported housing providers with existing council contracts were able to bid for bursaries of up to £10,000 per project. To be eligible for a bursary, projects were required to have a focus on community participation, co-production and personalisation and in practice many would be led by people using supported housing services.

Eight projects were successful in gaining a bursary and these represented a wide cross section of the supported housing sector. Each of the successful projects demonstrated innovation, partnership working, co-production. Seven of the projects were successful, the projects were:

1. Co-produced induction
Co-production of an induction handbook and process aimed at young people using the service for the first time. Service was a medium stay supported accommodation project for single homeless young people aged 16 years to 25 years. Young people designed and developed the handbook and contents and co-production approaches were developed within the organisation.

Hinckley Homeless collage

Hinckley Homeless: www.hinckleyhomeless.com

2. The Art of Reminiscing
A project to involve older people living in sheltered housing  in sewing a large quilt which contained photographs and memories of  family life, work and industry in the NW Leicestershire villages. A community artist who is a community enterprise worked with people from the schemes to lead art and sewing sessions involving some of the most isolated older people living alone. The project linked with schools, a local museum and developed partnerships with the council’s culture, communities and well-being services.

NW Leicestershire District Council www.nwleics.gov.uk in partnership with  WB Arts  www.wb-arts.co.uk

3. St Mary’s House
Intergenerational reminiscence, arts and health promotion project designed to engage people who were elderly and frail and who lived in extra care and sheltered housing. Built links with local school and library as well as volunteers. Involved partnership working with a number of community providers. Increased community engagement and aimed to further develop personalised approaches within the services.

East Midlands Housing Association. www.emha.org in partnership with Beauty and Utility Arts @beauty_utilty , WB Arts www.wb-arts.co.uk and Whose Shoes www.nutshellcomms.co.uk

4. Breaking down the barriers into the private rented sector
A project led by the people who use the service challenging stereotypes of ex offenders within the private landlord housing sector. Co production of solutions to help people develop their skills. Worked with social enterprise for skills training and development of social media. The project also involved the development of a website to improve access to information and advice.

Breaking Down The Barriers

Adullam Homes Housing Association www.adullam.org.uk

5. My Living Voice
A project to raise public awareness of the lived experience of the judicial system from the perspective of ex offenders. Using art to highlight the issues and barriers people face with resettlement. Development of peer support and peer mentoring by ex offenders. Worked with an arts project and local community artist to develop a public exhibition of art work.

My Living Voice.pdf

Adullam Homes Housing Association www.adullam.org.uk
in partnership with Beauty and Utility Arts @beauty_utilty and WB Arts www.wb-arts.co.uk

User led project to increase co-production within an organisation supporting homeless adults and young people. Had a focus on how to change and shift ideas with trustees and staff, how to motivate and incentivise people who use services to get involved. Partnership with local group over co-production work.

The Bridge www.bridgehousingservices.com

Co production work with members of Gypsy and Traveller community to develop a training programme and housing support toolkit. Development of peer mentors. Had a focus on the development of peer mentors and an emphasis on the need for strong partnerships in order to break down stereotypes and develop new ways of working.

STAR (Leicester City Council) in partnership with  @SoftTouchArts


Our vision in creating the Innovation Programme for Leicestershire was to build on the Social Care transformation agenda and create new ways of enabling users of housing related support services to have more influence and control over the support services they use…. We have been delighted to work with Community Catalysts and our housing related support providers to achieve our aspirations for this Programme and the innovation, learning and support tools highlighted in this report are testament to what can be achieved with a relatively small amount of funding and a lot of enthusiasm. To build on the success of Phase 1 of the Innovation Programme, we have now launched a Phase 2 bursary scheme and will be working with 13 organisations over the next 12 months to explore new ways of delivering early intervention and prevention approaches that have potential to deliver both efficiencies for health and social care services and better outcomes for our customers’

Sandy McMillan, Assistant Director Strategy and Commissioning, Leicestershire County Council
The Project resulted in this accessible and engaging report https://www.communitycatalysts.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Innovation-Challenge-Programme-Evaluation-Report1.pdf