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enterprising people

enterprising people

What it is

Everybody has skills, talents and aspirations, things they want to do with their life and are passionate about. Older or disabled people and those living with a long term health condition are no different.

People can find real satisfaction in using their time to set up a small business or enterprise that offers saleable services or products to local people. Others can find purpose and value in running a project, venture or initiative to benefit others in their community without money changing hands. In both situations people find value in themselves and what they can offer and an opportunity to grow in confidence and skill. Communities gain activists and innovators, entrepreneurial volunteers and small enterprise leaders.  It’s a win win situation that potentially benefits everyone.

What we offer

Community Catalysts is committed to enabling people to contribute, to use their gifts and skills through enterprise or social action.

Most entrepreneurs and social innovators face barriers and challenges in turning their ideas into reality. For this reason people often need some help, support, advice or information. For older or disabled entrepreneurs or social innovators the barriers can be even more complex and as a result some people may need help and advice that is more extensive, specialist or sensitive. Community Catalysts knows from experience that local advice and infrastructure organisations sometimes struggle to offer this support or have real limitations imposed on them by funders.

Community Catalysts is able to work with community groups, organisations, authorities and policy makers to design and deliver projects and initiatives that support older and disabled entrepreneurs and social innovators.  We work flexibly in response to local and individual need and  bring energy, imagination and a passion for partnership to everything that we do.

Community Catalysts believes passionately in personalisation and in putting people in control of the care and support they receive to enable them to live full lives. This passion underpins our work to nurture and develop Enterprising People.