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Helen Allen

Helen began her career in the social care field in Oldham, within supported housing for adults with a learning disability, before moving to Shared Lives where she stayed for a number of years managing the scheme and developing it into a generic service. In 2007 she was seconded to Shared Lives Plus to co-ordinate the DH Small Community Services project in Oldham, where she cut her teeth on community enterprise development in response to the personalisation agenda and also managed a second DH project, supporting entrepreneurs with a disability to develop their own community enterprise.

In 2010 Helen became an Associate for Community Catalysts taking on full time employment from May 2011 as Manager of Enterprise and Community Innovation.

Helen now enjoys working in a variety of Council and Health Authorities to stimulate and sustain community enterprises for people in those areas, and supporting organisations to develop their own Shared Lives Schemes. She also enjoys the opportunity of presenting at events to share her passion and knowledge, in addition to creating and delivering interactive workshops to frontline workers and commissioners to affect the culture change needed to make personalisation happen. No two days are ever the same!